Not only is the cabin beautiful to look at, it also holds a very special meaning in our hearts with many pieces coming from earlier generations of family and becoming incorporated into the log home. There is a pine arch supporting the loft that was once standing in the front yard (shown in bottom left). It is believed that it may have been planted by the first generation of the family on this farm, Howard Bonhoff. Some of the Oak used for the sliding bedroom doors were rough cut and saved by the 2nd generation on the farm and Dan's father, Lauran Rhyner (shown next). The walnut used for the bar was actually planted by 3rd generation family member, and current farm owner, Dan (image 3). The beautiful thick oak treads on the stairway were harvested and cut from a tree by brothers Jay and Dan in the timber just downhill from the cabin (far right). The 100 year old closet doors were from the original farmhouse at the bottom of the hill. These doors were saved over 50 years ago when they were removed and stored in case they were needed for future use. We are happy that we were able to keep the beauty of the cabin while incorporating these pieces to hold a special meaning to our hearts.

Highview Country Escape is perched high on the hilltop of what used to be pasture for dairy cows on our 3rd generation farm. The beautiful sun rises that were witnessed by the family members, young and old, as they got the cows from the pasture are what gave the farm the name “Crack - O’- Dawn" Farm. The farm is no longer used for dairy cows, but is still actively run by our family to grow corn, soybeans, hay, and sweet corn. Most importantly, what this farm has raised is now 4 generations of family that have shared in the trials, tribulations, and joys of working together to make a living.


After being together for over 27 years, we are happy to make this dream and vision of Highview Country Escape a reality. Together, we raised our six children (two of hers, three of his, plus one -  think Yours, Mine, and Ours) on the family farm where Dan's family has had roots since 1911. With our children grown and starting families of their own, we enjoy visiting them in their new homes across the United States, including

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Colorado, California, and Arizona. Our family is forever expanding - we currently have two granddaughters and seven grandsons- and we can't wait to see how much more growth will come in the future!  


We love to stay active around the area by attending community events and festivals and finding live music to listen and dance to. We also enjoy time on our boat and kayaks at the local Apple Canyon Lake, hiking, and having a cold beer or glass of wine in a lawn chair while watching the sunset from this very hill. If you have any questions or inquires about events in the area, please feel free to ask! We would love to share some of our favorite spots and share with you our love of the Tri-State area.


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